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where to apply

Olympia Sanitizer is a formidable ally in any industry where sterilisation is a key consideration. Examples of uses for this highly versatile product are below.

Water plant sanitisation.

• Control of microbiology in industrial
• water-based cooling systems.
• Disinfection at treatment plants

Facilities Management

• Disinfection of all surfaces including hard
to reach areas.
• Disinfection of A/C ducts.
• Removal of bad odours.
• Sanitisation of recreational areas such
as gyms, pools and spas.
• Waste management.


• Disinfection and sanitisation of WCs,
seats, floors and tables.
• Disinfection of tableware and
kitchen appliances.

Agriculture & Food

• Sanitisation of finished goods.
• Extension of shelf-life of food products

Poultry & Other Food Industries

• Disinfection of livestock premises, including where live animals
are present.
• Disinfection of facilities, equipment and staff.


• Sanitisation of water for cooking.
• Disinfection and deodorising of
all surfaces.
• Extension of fruit and vegetable
shelf life.

Military & Emergency Authorities

• Disinfection of skin and clothing.
• Emergency disinfection of water and air.
• Disinfection of emergency burial places.


• Surfaces including walls, floors, seats,
A/C ducts, and handles.
• Pre-sale preparation of used cars.
• Removal of smoke and bad odours.