Science & technology behind production process:

The Olympia Sanitizer production process is grounded in continuous scientific testing and improvements: the technology is developed by the Russian
Research and Development Institute and, due to our exclusive rights with the technology developer for the Middle East region, being constantly updated

Olympia Sanitizer is produced fresh, onsite, on-demand, is cost-effective
and is human and environmentally safe

By utilizing our specially designed and controlled production systems, we
are able to produce Olympia Sanitizer of the highest quality, litre after litre

Water and diluted water solutions of substances are changed before its use
in technological processes into a metastable state by an electrochemical unipolar effect.

Active reagents necessary for technological processes are synthesised at the place of its use which helps eliminate the need to transport and store hazardous substances



Electrochemically activated water >= 99%
Hypochlorous Acid <= 0.02% pH: 6.5-7.5

storage conditions:

Store in a dry cool place, avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. Avoid accidental or uncontrolled contact of product with acids and hydrogen peroxide. Use within 3 months after opening.

health warnings:

Under normal usage conditions, the probability of any adverse health effect is extremely LOW! However, in case of skin irritation occurring, wash the affected area with water. In case of eye contact, (if irritation occurs) flush eyes with water

Olympia Sanitizer and CollOx:

CollOx is a cleaning solution which complements the sterilisation and disinfectant capabilities of Olympia Sanitizer. CollOx is an internationally attested and approved highly advanced colloidal cleaner. It is designed to not only clean but to also provide effective corrosion prevention and surface protection in areas where the utmost level of cleanliness is required.

How CollOx Works

Like Olympia Sanitizer, CollOx is both gentle and powerful. It is a colloidal cleaner which means that is is based on colloids – tiny particles known as ‘micelles’ which collide with dirt, grease and oil particles, chipping them away and ‘pushing’ them into the water and away from the surface. Unlike soaps and other cleaners, CollOx prevents the pieces of dirt from rejoining, so they are not able to reaccumulate onto the surface that has been cleaned

why choose collox?

• Safe and non-toxic eco-friendly cleaner.
• Highly effective against grease, oils, dirt and stains.
• Cost-effective.
• Protects surfaces from corrosion.
• A multi-purpose cleaning solution for various uses

Cost Effectiveness

CollOx is a highly concentrated liquid and so can be diluted at a variety of ratios for different needs and requirements.

This means that it can replace a number of different cleaning solutions, significantly reducing stock, and consequently ensuring operations are cost-effective. CollOx remains safe to humans should users come into contact with it in its concentrated form.
CollOx’s chemistry ensures it is suitable for cleaning grime such as turbine and diesel exhaust stains whilst also being gentle enough for use on furniture, carpets, upholstery and plastics. Not only does it have exceptional cleaning properties, CollOx also provides protection from corrosion. Please note that, due to its composition, CollOx is not able to be used to remove grease from bearings, brushes and rod ends of cars or from technical equipment.

Where to apply?

CollOx has many possible applications. It is effective at removing carbon deposits and staining from both unpainted and painted surfaces. It can be used on any surface – interior and exterior – that tolerates water, such as aluminium, titanium, magnesium, chrome-moly, stainless steel, painted and polished surfaces, fabrics, polished wood, composite, acrylic, plastic, glass, ceramics, leather and carpets

  CollOx,parts Water,parts CollOx,% Recommendations
Exterior Applications        
Light Soils 1 8 9-11%  
Moderate Soils 1 5 25-50%  
Interior Applications        
Carpets, spotting gallery, plastic 1 8 11%  
Carpet cleaning 1 20 5%  
Glasses, mirrors 1 25 4%  
Heavy oil & grease 1 1 50%  
Light to medium grease 1 3 25% Apply and rinse out
Miscellaneous 1 25 4% Use on tires, walls, fridges, tankers,
boilers, fireside, transport, mildew etc.

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