ways to use Olympia Sanitizer

we provide the solution for asset management

Remove sticky residue left by price tags.
Remove tarnish.
Remove soap scum from showers and bathtubs.
Remove mildew stains.
Remove smoke or other odours from clothing without washing.
Remove smoke and mildew odour from tents and sleeping bags.
Remove mildew stains from outdoor furniture.
Remove grime and mildew stains from vinyl siding.
Remove dirt and other impurities from carts and wheelbarrows before
bringing them into the garage.
Remove mildew odour from life jackets and boat cushions.
Deodorise heavy smoke smells after house fires.
Deodorise in-sink food disposal.
Neutralise heavy perfume from spills or over-sprays.
Neutralise and deodorise room odours.
Deodorise linen closets with a quick mist of Olympia Sanitizer.
Deodorise and freshen pillow inserts.
Deodorise and freshen upholstered furniture after testing fabric in an
area that does not show.
Spray mist in closets to remove musty, dusty smells.
Deodorise and freshen pillows and mattresses when changing sheets.
Deodorise gym bags.
Deodorise athletics equipment like braces, protective pads, and helmets.
Deodorise gym lockers.
Deodorise running shoes, golf cleats, etc.
Use Olympia Sanitizer in place of deodorant.
Disinfect areas with food spoilage in refrigerators or pantries.
Disinfect food prep surfaces (no rinsing required).
Disinfect changing tables.
Disinfect grooming clippers and nail clippers.
Disinfect public and employee restrooms.
Disinfect poultry and egg production farms.
Clean and deodorise vacuum filters.
Clean and deodorise reusable filters from appliances like
air purifiers and dehumidifiers.
Clean and deodorise refuse receptacles.
Clean food prep surfaces

Clean food residue from dishwashers.
Clean spice jars after use.
Clean and deodorise refrigerators.
Clean knives between use.
Clean coffee makers and their water reservoirs.
Clean and freshen toilets.
Clean bathtubs, showers, and sinks.
Clean mirrors, windows, and glass shower stalls to make them sparkle.
Clean baby and children’s toys or pacifiers after they’ve been dropped on the
ground, especially in public areas.
Clean training potties.
Clean and deodorise changing tables.
Clean mildew and soap scum from washing machine gaskets and tubs.
Clean golf clubs, tennis rackets, and badminton racket handles.
Clean cooking utensils when camping.
Clean grill grates.
Clean windows inside and out.
Clean fruit with a quick spray before eating to remove bitter, waxy tastes.
Clean and deodorise baseball caps, straw hats, sun hats, and other headgear
that is used for outside activities.
Clean car interiors.
Clean impurities from gardening containers that might prevent seed
Clean gardening tools after trimming diseased trees to prevent spreading the
disease to other plants.
Clean and deodorise used car ashtrays.
Clean surfaces on boats and boating equipment.
Clean dirt, mould, and other impurities from inflatable pools and pool toys.
Clean mildew stains and other dirt from outdoor umbrellas.
Clean green mould stains from wooden fencing.
Clean green mould stains and grey stains from outdoor furniture.
Clean shopping cart seats and handles.
Clean public toilet seats and handles.
Clean and deodorise litter boxes.
Clean porta-potty or camping toilets before and after use.
Clean fold-down tray tables on trains and planes.
Clean phones – the surface that touches your face and the sides that touch
your hands get the dirtiest.
Clean pet cages and crates.
Clean desks, tables, and other furniture.
Clean keyboards.
Clean and disinfect break room tables and food prep areas.
Clean public and employee restrooms.
Clean doorknobs and other high-touch surfaces.
Clean and deodorise waiting room furniture.
Clean buttons and dials, especially on shared office equipment.