What is SterilOx?


SterilOx is natural, safe and eco-friendly disinfectant, based on an electrochemically activated aqueous solution containing Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and the number of oxidants aiming to kill pathogenitc bacteria, mycobacteria, viruses (incl.Novel Coronavirus causing Covid19!), remove biofilm, fungi, spores, algae, yeasts and to deodorize the areas.

Where to use?


Safely spray SterilOx on the palms of your hands at unlimited frequency during the day without any risk for skin irritation or itching or stains on the sleeves. Be sure your hands are sterile and virus free after contacting with any person or public areas

Your every day belongings

You might not even thought to give a clean to a number of things like car keys, bag holders, credit cards, mobile phones and it covers, wallets, coins, watch, bracelets, home keys, trinkets etc.

Personal transport

We are spending in the corporate or private vehicles more time than we may think. Most contaminated surfaces in the car are steering wheel, gear stick and frequently used knobs.

At your home

At our homes we have to take special care for the surfaces, because it’s all about the health of our families and kids. All furniture, toys, floors, playgrounds, remote controls, bedroom appliances, carpets, curtains. Just give it a spray without any need of rinse after use.


Pets deserve the best care and love as our family members. Apply SterilOx on skin, feathers, furs, claws, eyes on your pets and sanitize their food bowls, scratching pads, pillows, cages etc. to disinfect and protect against pathogens and deodorize the litter..

SterilOx EcoDisinfectant

Kills 99.9% of Pathogens
Apply to water treatment,facilities management horeca agriculture & food poultry & other food industries,military & emergency authorities,transport

• 100% harmless, natural & eco-friendly
• pH neutral, gentle and non-irritating
• odorless and colorless, non-staining
• highly effective (99.99%) against bacteria, viruses, spores, biofilm and fungi
• kills 99.9999% of SARS CoV2, MRSA, vancomycin, staph, listeria, salmonella, ecoli…
• multi-purpose use

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[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]introduction of use
For quick disinfection of any artificial or natural, soft or hard surface spray on the target area without wiping or rinsing with water after application. Feel free to use on the skin or clothes with no risk of irritation and stains. For deodorizing spray in the air and apply directly on the source of unpleasant smell. For your pet care spray directly on the furs, between fingers and claws to protect from fungus, bacteria and viruses

water >=99%
Hypochlorous Acid <=0.02%
pH of the product 6.2-7.9
[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Storage Conditions
Store in a dry cool place, avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.
avoid accidental or uncontrolled contact of product with acids and hydrogen peroxide use within 1 month after is low

health Warning and safety precautions

under normal use conditions the likelihood of any adverse health effect is low


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