Olympia Oil

Olympia started its operations in the year 1993, for a brief period it had joint venture with one of the germans oldest lubricant manufacturing company.Olympia is engaged in manufacturing all types of mono grade and multi grade lubricants with fully synthetic, partly synthetic, gear oils, automatic transmission fluids, brake fluids, and antifreeze.

Something About Us

The history of Companies involved in Olympia Group is starting from 1980. In the end of 1979 and the beginning of 1980 Shahab Limited was established in Afghanistan. Formation of Shahab Limited gave a green line to the registration of the following companies in different parts of the world..

Our projects & missions


Olympia is dedicated to provide its customers additional following benefits and services beside the production, refilling and delivery of high quality lubricants:

Olympia has established a sound and robust quality control system during receipt of raw material, in processing lubricants, refilling, final packaging and delivery of the finished products. 

The basic requirement for production is high quality base oils, additives and syntheses that are delivered from various European refineries by tank truck.

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